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Transoft Solutions Inc. and Carleton University are pleased to announce a new collaborative relationship that will provide valuable learning and training opportunities to Carleton Civil Engineering students.

Transoft Solutions Inc. has granted complimentary access to its key flagship software products AutoTurn Pro™, AutoTurn Revit™, Torus™, NEXUS Intersections™ and NEXUS DDI™, a gift valued at approximately $48,000, for use by graduate and undergraduate students whose research focuses on transportation engineering.

At the undergraduate level, the software will be used for fourth year Capstone design projects in which students carry out real-world projects from the conception phase through to the final design.

In addition to providing access to such software, Transoft Solutions Inc. will offer technical support through in-class and online tutorials to enable the effective use of the software and to maximize student learning outcomes.

“Having access to Transoft software will enrich students’ experiences as they carry out their Capstone projects,” notes Dr. Yasser Hassan, professor and chair of Carleton’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

“When these students graduate and begin their careers, their work will require the use of specialized software. Having the opportunity to familiarize themselves and build expertise with Transoft’s state-of-the-art software, which is widely used in the industry, will be invaluable in terms of developing professional-level experience, honing their skills and building confidence.”

Transoft Solutions Inc. will also gain from exposing students to its software. Dr. Hassan explains: “Our students will be the leaders and professionals of tomorrow. They will use these types of software products on a daily basis and will likely gravitate toward those with which they have experience.

“Further, since Transoft has graciously offered to deliver in-class software training, there will be plentiful opportunities to make direct connections with students—relationships that may benefit the company when the students enter the workforce.”

“We collaborate closely with higher education institutions like Carleton University that have specific needs in furthering civil engineering’s goals of safety and design through training and education,” shares Milton Carrasco, president and CEO of Transoft Solutions Inc.

“Investing in education is our way of giving back to the profession. It is imperative that technology companies and educators work together to ensure a highly skilled workforce.”

“We’d like to thank Transoft Solutions Inc. for the opportunity to establish this mutually-beneficial partnership,” says Dr. Hassan. “We’re thrilled to be working with a company that values student development and training, and that shares our belief that it is our collective responsibility to prepare the next generation to contribute meaningfully to their field and to society.”

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