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Launching the University’s Strategic Integrated Plan and Partnerships with Purpose

By Christine Lyons

Celebrating a New Era

Carleton University recently launched its new Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP), marking the official start of the journey toward the university’s bright future.

“Throughout the process, we have been amazed and inspired by the engagement of the Carleton community,” shared Lorraine Dyke, deputy provost (Academic Operations and Planning) and co-chair of the Strategic Integrated Planning Task Force.

“We see that today, with more than 600 people in attendance at the event.”

The milestone was recognized through an online engagement event, which brought together the university community members engaged in the year-long consultative process — including faculty, contract instructors, librarians, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, alumni and community partners.

Carleton unveiled its new Strategic Integrated Plan, the university’s roadmap to the future.

Speaking live from the event, Carleton University President Benoit-Antoine Bacon noted that “the world has certainly shifted” since the beginning of the SIP consultative process, but Bacon remains optimistic for Carleton’s bright future.

“I’m more than ever convinced that our model of university here at Carleton — forward-thinking, inclusive, service-oriented, [and] in a city that matters, Ottawa — will thrive in the decades ahead,” said Bacon. “This is our time.”

Bacon noted that three strategic directions of the SIP — Share Knowledge, Shape the future; Serve Ottawa, Serve the World; and Strive for Wellness; Strive for Sustainability — are “all especially relevant in these challenging and disruptive times.”

Benoit-Antoine Bacon speaks at the launch of the SIP
Carleton President Benoit-Antoine Bacon speaks at the launch of the Strategic Integrated Plan.

Serving Ottawa and the World

One of the three main themes of the SIP — “Serve Ottawa, Serve the World” — outlines how Carleton will contribute to the changing landscape of higher education, as well as on local, national and global stages.

“Carleton has cultivated deep community connections and a profound sense of community dedication drives our core mission,” said Pauline Rankin, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and member of the SIP Task Force.

“Those same connections inspire and guide our commitment and responsibility to our city and our society.”

Rankin spoke from the Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre, the university’s first downtown building. The university’s presence in downtown Ottawa illustrates the university’s interconnectedness with the local community.

Carleton Domion-Chalmers Centre
The Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre is the university’s first downtown Ottawa building.

Rankin also noted that this direction renews the university’s ongoing commitment to community engagement in research and learning, and the development of Partnerships with Purpose.

“Carleton will continue to build our commitment and expand our reach further, as we seek to serve our communities and forge Partnerships with Purpose,” said Rankin.

Partnerships with Purpose

With the official start of the SIP comes the beginning of a new era of partnerships at Carleton — one that seeks to bring together the university and external organizations, through mutually beneficial collaboration, to address pressing societal challenges.

“Carleton has evolved into a research-intensive educational institution whose reach and impact extends far beyond city limits,” said Karen Schwartz, associate vice-president (Research and International) and member of the SIP Task Force.

“We partner with universities, governments, industries and organizations in hundreds of countries around the world to make Carleton a global hub of intellectual engagement.”

These partnerships draw on Carleton’s founding mandate to do good with and for the community. Further collaboration with individuals, industry and organizations in Ottawa, Canada and around the world will inspire positive changes at Carleton and beyond.

The Hub for Good serves as the front door to many of these partnerships, enabling people and groups from a variety of industries to connect with the university.

At the Hub for Good, read more partnership stories, explore opportunities to get involved and learn how Carleton University makes an impact around the world.

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