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SAM3 (Sensors and Analytics for Monitoring Mobility and Memory), an innovation-focused partnership between Carleton University, AGE-WELL and Bruyère Research Institute, is leading the charge in developing smart technologies to transform our homes and support aging in place.

Working with Canadian startups, multinational companies, health professionals and diverse researchers, SAM3 is adapting and enhancing off-the-shelf sensors, novel new sensors and other devices to help older adults stay healthy, safe and independent, while reducing pressures on caregivers and the health-care system.

Solutions are being developed for every room in the home, leveraging insights from and collaboration with industry and health-care experts in each area. Partners include Best Buy Canada, Telus, Montreal-based Aerial Technologies, Champlain Local Health Integration Network, Safety Labs and Oregon Health & Science University.

The SAM3 team also relies on collaboration with the community whose needs it seeks to address: older adults and caregivers. “They identify the challenge or the problem, and they tell us in the bluntest way if we’ve got an answer that works,” says Dr. Bruce Wallace, executive director of SAM3 and an adjunct professor of computer and systems engineering at Carleton. Dr. Wallace is a lead for SAM3 work at Carleton, along with Dr. Rafik Goubran, a professor of engineering, vice-president, Research and International at Carleton and long-time collaborator with AGE-WELL.

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