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Investing in Our Future Political Leaders

By Jenna Hobin

Through the generosity of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, a new scholarship has been established to support outstanding graduate students enrolled in the Clayton H. Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management.

“The Great Lakes Fishery Commission is a strong proponent of sound public policies that support and protect the Great Lakes,” says Robert Lambe, the Commission’s Executive Secretary. Based in Michigan, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission is a bi-national commission including representatives from both Canada the United States. Since its inception in 1955, it has taken a collaborative approach to facilitating cooperative fishery management, controlling the invasive sea lampreys and coordinating and managing fisheries science and research.

 “We often work in partnership with universities, including Carleton University, within the Great Lakes Region to advance fishery science, but this is the first time we have established a partnership specifically to advance public policy,” says Lambe. He continues, “The MPM program is highly respected, and just as we invest in ways to prepare the next generation of fishery managers, this exciting new partnership is our way of investing in the next generation of good leaders and policy makers.”

Daniel Jolic has been selected as the inaugural recipient of The Great Lakes Fishery Commission Scholarships in Political Management for the 2021-2022 academic year, and is grateful for this opportunity. “I am honoured to be the first-ever recipient of the scholarship,” says Jolic. “The Riddell program trains the best and brightest to serve in leadership roles within Canada’s political sphere, and this scholarship will aid in achieving my professional and career goals,” he says.

Stephen Azzi, Program Director of the Master of Political Management program and Associate Professor at Carleton University, described this partnership as a meaningful way to recognize the important work that the program does in training students to become leaders in politics and government.

Prior to the establishment of this scholarship, Carleton had an alumni connection to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission through Gregory McClinchey—alumnus of the Master of Political Management Program. Gregory currently holds the position of Legislative Liaison, and Azzi recounted him as being an “outstanding student” during his time in the program.

With preference being given to students who demonstrate an interest in federal politics, Stephen Azzi hopes that this scholarship will be the first step towards building a stronger holistic relationship between the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and Carleton University. In addition to providing students with financial support to pay for their education, he emphasized that it will also raise awareness about the work of the Commission among students.

“I am deeply grateful to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission for this important donation, which will help outstanding students pursue their educational dreams,” says Azzi. He continued to describe the lasting impact of this award by saying, “The Commission is supporting generations of future political leaders.”

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