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Hub for Good

Collaborate with expert faculty and top students to solve business challenges, drive opportunities for growth and invigorate your R&D. You can also leverage your investment with federal and provincial matching programs to expand the scope of your project.

With a focus on innovation, Carleton research works with you to solve technical challenges, discover solutions and explore new markets. At the same time, you acquire talent through research, retire ITB credits and secure SRED credits.

How to Partner

Our custom partnerships can include these opportunities and other creative solutions. Contact Corporate Relations to get started.

Our world-class faculty can apply research, expertise and critical thinking to your business needs, enabling you to explore new markets and expand your business opportunities.

You can access specialized equipment and labs, enabling you to experiment in new ways and using different platforms. You can also help establish new facilities, which offers opportunities to boost your brand.

Establish a research chair to drive the next generation of advances in your field. Research chairholders are among the most accomplished and promising researchers in their fields.

Carleton University
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