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5G Networks

Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Course Description

Instructor: Jun (Steed) Huang, PhD.

Office: Canal Building (CB) 4112
Phone: +1-775-391-8001
Office hours: 1 hour before the class time or by appointment


Assumed Knowledge

Familiarity with computer communications, wireless networks, and communications systems.

Course Description

Principles enabling 5G communications; physical, link and network layer protocols used for 5G communications and networking. Topics include: evolution from 1G to 5G, standardization, spectrum planning, 4G LTE Fundamentals, 5G New Radio enhancements, 5G Core and beyond 5G.

Course Objectives

As part of this course, students will:

Learning outcomes

Textbooks (Carleton Library)

Book 1 is used as a main lecture book (focusing on Chapter 1 to 7), Book 2 is used as a homework and project source (focusing on Chapter 5 & 10):

  1. Erik Dahlman, Stefan Parkvall, Johan Skold, 5G NR: The Next Generation Wireless
    Access Technology, Academic Press, 2018.
  2. Saad Z. Asif, 5G Mobile Communications – Concepts and Technologies, Taylor &
    Francis Group LLC – CRC Press, 2019.

Evaluation and Grading Scheme

Homework 15%
Lab project 25%
Midterm 25%
Final 35%.

Course requirements

Homework and Midterm: There will be three homework assignments and one midterm; they will be all returned to students for further studying.

Lab Project: Students will be required to work on a group project related to the simulation aspects of 5G networks. Projects will involve a literature review and implementation. Students are responsible for forming and managing their groups. Instructor and TA will include two hands-on sessions on Matlab, Ansible or HFSS for simulation, 1 virtual tour visit to Ericsson Kanata facility, with an invited expert talk.

Final: There will be one final exam. The final exam will be formally scheduled by online Exam Services. Since the final examination is for evaluation purposes only and will not be returned tostudents. You will be able to make arrangement with the instructor or with the department office to see your marked final examination after the final grades have been made available.

Week-by-Week breakdown

Week 1. The 5G Use Cases.
Week 2. Specification of 5G in 3GPP and NR.
Week 3. Densification and Small Cells.
Week 4. Beam Centric Design and Mu-MIMO.
Week 5. 5G Core Network.
Week 6. Radio-Access Network.
Week 7. Dynamic Time-Division Duplex and PTP/GNSS.
Week 8. Downlink Blind Decoding and Search Spaces.
Week 9. NR Uplink Multi-antenna Precoding.
Week 10. Machine-Type Communication with Blockchain.
Week 11. SDN and NFV in Slicing.
Week 12. 6G, ML and AI.

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