Collaboration and partnership have been integral to Carleton’s culture and success for many years. We have made it an explicit priority for Carleton to open its doors to our community—to actively encourage and facilitate partnerships at all levels, from community engaged learning to joint research initiatives and beyond. Moving forward, community engagement remains an important part of our vision.

The Council of Ontario Universities (COU) recently launched the Propel Initiative, which aims to help organizations collaborate with universities through experiential learning opportunities with students. The Propel portal offers a full listing of Ontario universities’ ‘front door’ and/or experiential learning websites.

In an effort to align with the COU requirements and to renew our focus on community liaison and engagement, Carleton is now seeking to expand, formalize and support our efforts in this area through the creation of a public-facing website and portal.

Prioritizing Partnerships

Carleton University is a community of scholars, students and supporters who aim to serve the greater good of our society.

We do this by partnering with the broader public—individuals, organizations, industry and government—who believe research, higher education and the pursuit of knowledge can aid and assist their mission and values.

The Hub for Good is the nexus—the point where these partnerships can begin. If you’re just joining the Carleton community, the Hub is the first stop on your visit. It’s where you’ll discover new opportunities to make a difference; it’s where you’ll meet people who share your goals.

Whether you’re looking to lend your expertise, engage students in your mission, imagine a new research opportunity with faculty, participate in an on-campus conversation about new ideas, or give your time and support to a worthwhile cause, you’ll find your opportunity here.

What’s Next?

In its current state (Phase 1), the Hub is a repository of information and past examples of community engagement. It provides links and resources on campus that will allow you to easily navigate the diverse opportunities for partnership and collaboration with Carleton

In Phases 2 and 3, we will integrate a dynamic, interactive and user-led portal into the Hub. The portal will connect campus and community partners for specific and reciprocal partnership opportunities.

The Hub’s development is being led by the Department of University Advancement, under the guidance of the Community Engagement Steering Committee. An extensive consultative process is underway to ensure an optimal user experience.


Join Us

Ultimately, the Hub is where we gather together to do something good—the place where impact can begin. If you share our conviction that there’s much good to be done, this is where we start.

Take a look. Reach out. Join our cause.

To start a conversation, contact us today!


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