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Foster talent and innovation through a fourth-year Capstone Design Project, in which students work with a faculty mentor to tackle a real-world problem. Industry partners can suggest a project topic, mentor students, or provide students with access to tools. Partners collaboratively develop ideas with students, while also introducing them to their products and business.

About the Project

Capstone Design Projects focus on real-world application and serving the community as a whole. Project deliverables can include prototypes, research posters, demonstrations, documents and videos.

Engineering students with their capstone project, the Intelligent Telepresence Assistive Device (iTAD).
An example of a capstone design project is the Intelligent Telepresence Assistive Device (iTAD), a robotic platform that facilitates real-time communications to support persons with disabilities in accessing healthcare or communicating with loved ones.

Project Timeline

Capstone Design Projects normally take eight months to one year. At the end of the academic year, partners attend a project fair to learn from students’ discoveries and meet talented fourth-year students.

A sample timeline for Capstone Design Projects


  • Winter or spring (year one)

    Partners develop and propose project ideas.

  • Summer

    Projects are reviewed and selected by the Faculty of Engineering and Design.

  • Fall and winter

    Students work on Capstone Design Projects.

  • Spring (year two)

    Students complete and present the finished project at a project design fair.


Partner on a Project

Learn more about partnering on a Capstone Design Project through Carleton’s Faculty of Engineering and Design.

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